Blessing Our Rest

Peace and rest descend on the work of creation; all the activity of mixing and separating, the chaos and the order interacting comes to an end and the great work ceases. All living things take their rest, be that on the seventh day of the week or for a moment. All creatures and plants rest. It is not laziness to leave off from labour. Sloth is the refusal to take up labour, but once labour has begun it cannot be continued or completed without the blessing of rest. Rest is the finishing touches of perfection. Nothing then can be made perfect without being touched with the heaven-sent blessing of peace and rest. Holiness is the garment of the day of rest, and holiness is the completion of the rest that we take when we work in the continuing work of creation. Working to make the world a better place – repairing the destruction that we have brought – makes people holy. It raises them to the creativity of the Creator and invites one to enjoy the peace and the completion that comes with the blessing of rest. We rest because we have worked, and we have toiled for all of the right reasons. We have not wasted our time. We have used it wisely, and so having used our time and our efforts wisely we are blessed with a rest that the world cannot give. It is the rest that comes at the finish of perfection. It seals our perfection and works to make us perfect.

So God blessed the seventh day and hallowed it, because on it God rested from all the work that he had done in creation.

~ Genesis 2:3